Notes on Usage

About Monodukuri Fukushima Web

“Monotsukuri Fukushima Web” is a site created to support “monotsukuri” (manufacturing) businesses in Fukushima City. Its purpose is to develop industries through developing the cultivation of the market, receiving orders and expanding transactions among businesses. More than 250 manufacturing businesses in the City of Fukushima are listed. Information on products and technologies is here for you to use in searching for business partners. The companies listed here are the ones that wished to be listed, and not all are listed.

Usage Note

  • Information on the businesses listed here is based on the contents submitted by the businesses.  The accuracy, validity and safety are not guaranteed by Fukushima City.  Also, Fukushima City did not perform an assessment of trust of dealings concerning the orders received, etc.
  • Please be advised that Fukushima City shall not be liable at all for any damages or troubles caused by the listed information in this site.