The city of Fukushima,which is located in the northern part of Fukushima Prefecture,covers an area of 746.43 sq km,stretching 29.9 km from east to west and 38.2 km from north to south. The Fukushima City Hall stands at latitude 37゚45'N and longitude 140゚28'E. Fukushima lies within 300 km of Tokyo.

About Fukushima City

mapFukushima City and its surrounding area has many hot springs, which are in Iizaka, Takayu and Tsuchiyu for example. Fukushima is blessed with many natural resources. It has a lot of scenic beauty and various sightseeing places including the Bandai Azuma Skyline. It is one of the biggest tourist resort areas in Tohoku. Our city is blessed with the bounty of nature and abounds in warm humanity. Our suburbs are blessed with rich soil,and a great amount of fruit is produced every year.

The city's location makes it highly accessible from many areas of Japan through a well organized transportation system. From Tokyo, it takes 3.5 hours by the Tohoku Express- way and it takes 1.5 hours by the Tohoku Shinkansen Line. Fukushima Airport was opened in 1993, making it easier for many people to visit the city from not only the metropolitan areas, but also from the Hokkaidou, Kansai,and Kyushu areas.

Fukushima with a population of more than 290,000, has been steadily developing as the political, economic, and cultural hub of Fukushima Prefecture.

To realize our basic philosophy of a city where "Our Young People are Pleased to Return to" and "Our Senior Citizens can Lead a Vigorous Life" and in order to create a more "Beautiful and Vibrant Fukushima", various administrative policies are being implemented toward its achievement.

Affects of radiation caused by the nuclear power plant accidents

The city of Fukushima is situated about 60 kms to the northwest of Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant where the nuclear power generation accident occurred, triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11th. Although the current radiation level here is higher compared to that of before the disaster, the occurrence of health damage of our citizens has not been confirmed. The area is situated outside of the controlled area where residents have limited access and there is a concern for health hazards, the days of the citizens of Fukushima City are normal, unchanged from the pre-disaster days.

Some people in the world have a false image that the manufactured products in Fukushima are not safe. The city is measuring the radiation level in its manufactured goods and processed foods to cast aside any harmful rumors. We are making a strong appeal that the products from Fukushima “are safe and can be used safely”.

Manufacturing in Fukushima City

As of December 31st 2009, the shipment of industrial products from Fukushima City places third in Northeastern Japan. Of our city’s gross production, the manufacturing sector occupies a higher percentage compared with that of cities that prefectural capitols in the Tohoku (northeastern) region. Manufacturing industry occupies vital part in our city’s industry.

The city has developed through the ages as a thriving silk cultivation industry area, which brought the accumulation of fiber manufacturing industries. Because of this, the machinery industry related to textile manufacturing, the steel and metal industry, and electrical machinery industry followed and continued to accumulate. As a result, this led to the accumulation of large regional business industries related to large-scale structures, such as material handling for casting metal for automobile, cargo handling equipment for ships, railway carriages, bridges and power generation, such as large-scale transformers were formed.

Further, the city put its effort to attract enterprises to the region after the 1965’s, leading to the formation of telecommunication equipment manufacturing industry that represents Japan, which brought with it the accumulation of related industries at the same time such as, materials, metal molding, assembling, processing, as well as that of automobile-related industry, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Also, clean and abundant water supply and rich and fertile soil made it possible to form the area famous for an accumulation of a large production area of fruits, food and beverage production have continued.

Because of its historical background and thick layers of the businesses group is a strong point, in addition to the advanced level of manufacturing technology and excellent development power, the businesses in Fukushima have gained both the domestic and international trust.